Bismillah Rahman Raheem , in the name of Allah Most Merciful the Compassionate. Islam is complete way of life with solutions to all problems that may arise. Covid-19 Pandemic is killing people in the world without discriminations, so we need immediate solution to save our lives and lives of all people in the world in accordance with Quran and Sunnah.

Microscopic view of Coronavirus, a pathogen that attacks the respiratory tract of human system.

Solutions to Covid-19 by Islam

Islam is the Only true religion of God that is complete and living with immediate solutions to all kinds of healthy problems problems for prevention and cure. Islam has measures to deal with pandemic such as Covid-19 that include the following as recommended by world leaders:

  • Quarantine of confirmed infected to stop spread of disease to others.
  • Washing Hands, Islam has already ordered believers to clean themselves five time a day when ever they are going to attend mandatory prayers and all others kinds of prayers and worship.
  • To close your mouth when sneezing and say ( Alhamdu lillah) meaning all praise be to Allah (God).
  • Stay away from un necessary gatherings such as sports, music , etc.
  • Women must cover their heads with scarfs, now nit works perfect with Covid-19 when they cover their entire faces.
  • Man must not touch in the hand of women women when greeting each other.
Corona Virus and Technology for testing and creation of Vaccines

Praying to God as Solution to Covid-19

The Most applicable solution to Covid-19 to believers of Islam as their chosen religion is dedication of our lives to Allah Subhanahu Wataala alone with certainty that He is the solution to everything as creator and sustainer of our lives.

Corona Virus infection increasingly killing people globally.

Solutions to Covid-19 by World leaders

World leaders are following a uniform scientific approach recomemded by World Health Organization (WHO) for a solution to prevent and cure from Covid-19. Regulated measures made mandatory by governments in the world to prevent spread the disease is Countries lock downs in levels that incorporate:

  • Mandatory closure of all businesses for almost eight months.
  • Mandatory closure of all entry points to the country, all borders and airports closed.
  • Mandatory wearing of face masks
  • Mandatory sanitization
  • Quarantine of infected people confirmed by testing
  • Washing Hands with soap every time you touch something or some where.

Technology as Solution to Covid-19

Scientists of different countries are tirelessly creating vaccine for Covid-19 using laboratories equipped with latest modern technologies marching human being and environment thus coming up with digital human identity suing a tiny chip inserted in the body that can tell if a person is vaccinated on not.

“Allah Subhanahu Wataala has planned ahead before coming of Corona-Virus for solution to those who believe in Him and He sent Sayidina Jibrael aleih salaam with Sultan Rahman accessed by special glorification called Tasbihatul kubrah .”

With Mercy of Allah Subhanahu Wataala , the entire Muslim Ummah is blessed with coming of Sayidina Jibrael to Sultan Sheikh Yasin Muhammad Yaqeenu-llah since 1999 an he has taught him knowledge of the holy Quran including Sultan Rahman which is a remedy for those who believe as remedy to Covid-19.

The blessed soul with coming of Sayidina Jibrael aleih salaam is currently the Grand Mufti of South and Sultan of Uganda, He is the Grand son of Greatest Wali of Allah Subhanahu Wataala His Highness Sheikh Shuaib of Sultanate of Katuumu in Luwero, Kampal Uganda East Africa. His Highness Sultan Sheikh Yasin Muhammad Yaqeenu-llah has written some books particulary the book about Corona Virus which in Arabic language.

This book is called Fatihul Masjidil Aqsa Bi Sultan Rahman, inside thise book has been written the special glorification for cure of corona virus to those who believe, H.H has opened up this site to deal with prevention and cure from Corona Virus by the mighty and power of Allah Subhanahu Wataala

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