Covid-19 attacks respiratory system and makes it hard to breathe , due to luck of proper breathing the patient suffocate and eventually dies in just minutes if no help for breathing is given to him or her. In Old people they die quick because their organs are weak to sustain such problem for longer hours. Since Corona Virus is still a new disease , doctors are still getting used with it and scientists are searching for medications, the Imediate effective solution currently is sharing of knowledge of how to deal with Covid-19 Naturally, and the following is tested naturally first aid that has been used by some one who got sick and applied, it helped so much to open breathing system as follow:

As soon you get feeling that you may have been infected by Covid-19 Corona Virus do the following easy steps Immediately to empower your respiratory system:

  • Boil the water
  • Get a pot or any container
  • Get piece of cloth for covering your self
  • Prepare place to sit while container is in the middle of your legs, you may sit down or an a chair
  • Poor hot water in the Container
  • look inside the container and and let hot steam enters into your body as you breathe in and out
  • Then cover your self to avoid hot steam to escape and to avoid breathing in cold steam
  • Do steaming for between 15-20 minutes
  • Repeat the same every time you feel hardship in breathing
  • Read Qul Huwa Allah Ahad , Falaq and Nasi seven times
  • Read Alhamdu seven times
  • Read Ayatul Kurisiy seven times