COVID-19 Corona Virus has recommended prevention measures that are fundamental principle of Islam such as the following:

  • Washing hands with sanitizers, Cleanliness is a mandatory condition of Imam ( Faith).As a believer its mandatory to perform five mandatory prayers a day at different prescribe times, but each time, you have to clean yourself starting from washing hands.
  • Covering Mouth when sneezing, yarning etc., is equivalent to wearing masks. As for women, its mandatory to cover their heads with scarf so they just extend to the cover their mouth.
  • Avoid Direct shacking of hands is part of Sharia a man is allowed to touch hands of a woman who is permissible for him to marry
  • Keeping a distance , Islam teaches believers to keep a distance from women.
  • Quarantine a patient who is confirmed Covid-19 positive is fundamental requirement in Islam in case of dealing with plague.